Light Switch Update and an Updown, too.

Last weekend, we were lucky enough to have a few handy friends in town for the 4th of July. So, of course, we put them to work right away. Chris taught me a little bit of electrical handiness, and I did a light switch update in Jaye’s room all by myself!

Here’s the hideous switch in its “Before” state. Yellowed and painted-over. Yuck.

Once I checked and double-checked that the power was off, I unscrewed the yellowed switch plate. It was so brittle and old that it broke apart in my hands.

Once the switch plate was off, I unattached the wires of the yellowed switch and reattached the wires of the new white switch. While I was at it, I cleaned out a bunch of sheet rock and rocks and gross that was in the electrical box because I’m OCD like that. :-)

I don’t have anymore specific instructions, because dealing with electricity is a freaky thing. And there is NO way I know enough to even begin to explain or write a tutorial. So do your own research (or find your own handy friend to instruct you) before attempting your own electrical project.

But man, that looks SO much better. It’s amazing how big of a difference the little things make. And how much more it makes the house feel like ours once we’ve made some updates and improvements. There was another little update that Phil, in particular, worked on over the 4th of July weekend.

While reaching up to pull the light chain on in the garage closet, Phil also brought the ceiling down almost onto his own head! So for now, there’s a whole in the garage ceiling and another line on the great big t0-do list.


  1. Isn’t it AMAZING the difference changing out light covers and electrical covers can make to a room?

    Great job!

  2. i love home improvements! but hate the work. lol. props to you and your hubs!

  3. Yes – kudos to you! Makes you feel accomplished – even if it’s just a light cover. Wanna come do all mine? You’re a pro!

  4. I sooo need to do this!! Thanks for the nudge :) Michelle


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