Living Room, Two Ways

While I was doing our taxes the other day (UGH.) I had to look up the current market value of our rental home (DOUBLE UGH DEPRESSING.), but while I was doing that depressing, onerous task, I came across pictures of our rental home as the renters had decorated it. It was really fun to see what they’d done with the place. And fun to see the different ways that two different people would decorate the same space. So let’s compare:

Living Room Orange livingroom2

That was how the living room looked when we moved out.

Living Room Modern

And here’s how it looked when the renters lived there. It’s fun to see it both ways. It never occurred to us to turn the couch that way. I like the green curtains and the mid-century-ish leather chair. (Note: Those renters have moved out so I’m not creepily sharing a picture of their living room.)

Clean Lines Dining Room

And the dining room when we lived there (or actually when we had the house on the market, I couldn’t find a picture of the dining room from right before we moved out) looked like that.

diningroomAnd here it is in style two. I love the gallery art wall and that cool geometric shape thing on the shelf to the left.

I thought it was so unique and unusual to be able to see the way two totally real life people would style the same rooms. I hope you enjoyed it as well!


  1. way cool and how awesome that you have rental property!!!!!
    p.s. did you use a fish-eye lens for these pics??? There is some nice “curve” in them. =)

    • It was kind of unintentional rental property, but it’s working out so far!
      Haha. Yes, the fish-eye makes them look kind of silly, but you can see more of the room then. I first realized my little camera could do that when a random person took a picture of Jaye and I on her first plane ride and they’d somehow set it to fish eye by accident!

  2. That is so cool! I like both ways really. The house looks awesome by itself. So anyway you dress it, it would probably look good. By the way, I am a conqueror of Settlers too and so is my 5-year-old!


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