Mimosa Park, Richardson TX

Mimosa Park is one of the playgrounds located closest to our house. It will be an easy bike ride once we get a trailer for our bikes. Currently, we often stop on our way to get groceries. A couple weekends ago, we were there as a family early on a Saturday morning. There isn’t much shade at this park, so morning is the best time to go.

Mimosa Park Details:

  • Location: Off of Mimosa Drive between Campbell and Arapaho, west of 75, map here.
  • Surface material: Wood chips. Wood chips had just been refreshed when we visited in July 2013.
  • Structure material: Plastic and metal.
  • Equipment: big kid area, toddler area, monkey bars, many slides, swings, baby swings, bouncing spring ride-on toy, swinging bridge
  • Covered pavilion near park, Restrooms, picnic tables, tennis courts, soccer and baseball fields, parking lot.

There are two main structures at Mimosa Park. The first picture is the big kid structure. It’s definitely designed for older kids than toddlers. Jaye loves to climb up there, but it makes me really nervous (she’s barely 2!). There are twin racing wavy slides, perfect for Phil and Jaye to slide at the same time. There’s a twirly climber, monkey bars, and those two slanted bars in the right of this picture. As a kid, I could never quite figure out those slanted bars; they always seemed like a strange piece of playground equipment. How do/did you use them?

This picture just above is the toddler structure. It’s showing age a little bit, but isn’t too run down. There are two tube slides, one open slide, a swinging bridge, and a tunnel to crawl through. The tunnel had a fair share of dirt in it, which annoyed Jaye. The toddler structure is separated from the big kid structure by the regular size swingset. There are two baby swings located separately near the toddler structure.

The toddler structure has lots of railings, which makes it great even for the littlest toddlers. There isn’t anywhere too high and scary. Jaye has fun on the slides and running across the swinging bridge. There aren’t a lot of benches near the playground for parents to sit on. I end up sitting on the short concrete ledge surrounding the play area.

Finally, near the baby swings is this bouncing spring ride-on dinosaur. Jaye is terrified of it. So I had to test it out. It is not very springy at all and took quite a bit of effort for me to get it to move back and forth even a little bit. I’ve never really seen many kids playing on it, either. Seems like it could be replaced with something more fun!

What the City says about Mimosa Park:

9.41 acres at Mimosa and Apache. Picnic area; playground equipment; shelter; restrooms; lighted baseball field; athletic field; lighted tennis court; small backstops.


  1. Looks like a fun park! One of my kiddos would love that dino rocker thingy. Yes, we have a bit of a dino obsession here.


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