Finally, Our Modern Glamour Bedroom Reveal

Okay, so back a million years ago (Okay, in October 2012), I promised a bedroom makeover and showed you all our terrible bedroom and my gray and yellow bedroom moodboard plan.

Then half a million years ago (Okay, in December 2012), I showed you one step of the makeover, my nightstand transformation. And now, today, I’m finally back with all the beautiful pictures and full details of my bedroom makeover!



The bed made such a big difference to me. It’s the first real bed we’ve ever owned. Previously, we’ve just had a mattress on a frame and the DIY foam board headboard. But the headboard didn’t really survive our cross-country move, and I kind of felt like it’s size was too small for the bed. I really wanted to try having a real bed. I ended up choosing the Julian Bed from World Market. I love that the shape is curvy and glamorous, but the material is rustic and down to earth.



The new quilt is from Overstock. The previous duvet cover was no longer doing it for me. It became too “shabby chic” and it turns out that I kind of hate duvet covers (you can never get the comforter to stay straight inside!). Plus, now that we live in the South, we don’t need the full weight of our comforter for warmth. I love the simplicity of the gray quilt. And the fact that it has no moving pieces. 🙂 The pillows are from various places. The small Chevron one was from The white and oval pillow I made from a fabric I found and loved. The solid yellow pillow is one of Nate Berkus’ Target designs. It’s texture is really awesome in person.

This wall changed the least, since our wedding pictures were the one bright spot in the terrible “before” pictures. The pictures on either side of the window have long been some of my favorite art ever. I bought them for Phil (but really myself) from Etsy for Christmas 2010.

The curtains have a little secret. They are really just sheets! I couldn’t find any fabric I liked until one day Tar-zhay came to the rescue. I spotted these sheets and loved the pattern. I bought a couple sets and turned them into curtains. I just cut them to the right length and used iron hemming tape. The one small hiccup I faced was that I hadn’t bought enough on the first trip. Then on the second trip, the sheets were a totally different color! The cloth bags they are packaged in were all the same color, but the sheets inside were vastly different. As in, the first time they were definitely yellow, but the second time totally mustard. I had to go to several Targets to find more of the yellow run.

I really pared down my jewelry as I was working in the bedroom. A lot of it I didn’t wear very often, so now I’ve only got my favorites. I picked up the mirrored and gold jewelry box at HomeGoods. The gold pedestal was from a thrift shop. It looked dingy when I bought it. But it shined up nicely and now it’s proud to hold my most commonly worn earrings.



At first, I was a little baffled by the odd placement of this window in the corner. Problem 1: Ugly closet door and closet mess. Problem 2: Weird corner window. Solution: Curtains for everyone! I love this solution. The curtains hid the closet and make the window blend in with the rest of the room better. It’s also the only way I’d be able to really hang a curtain panel on each side of the window without just being weird. And I am weird for sure, but not weird like that.


And of course, the awesome nightstands. Let’s just look at them one more time. I’m so proud of how they turned out. They used to be so dark and ornate. Click here to see them in that “before” state. The lamps are from HomeGoods. Originally, I’d bought these cool geometric gold lamps from Target. They were even John and Sherry approved! But I just couldn’t find a lampshade that fit and looked right with them. Some were too small, some were too big, and the Ikea lampshades wouldn’t even fit on the lamp. Also, the lamps just seemed too short on the tables. So when I saw these gold sparkly ones at HomeGoods, I loaded them both into my cart and rushed wheeled very carefully up to the front. In the picture below, you can see that they are a nice metallic gold when the sun isn’t shining through them. I’ve been really loving gold lately. 


Whew. I think that about covers it.  I hope you enjoyed the tour of our Modern Glamour bedroom!


  1. What a great result, Jill. I really like this. It is modern and edgy and, well, very “you.”

  2. HOLY GUACAMOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This bedroom is incredible and I love, love, LOVE the extended curtain panels in front of the closet. GENIUS. Seriously, I’m in love. This would NEVER fly in my house, but I love it for other people!!! The dark gray and yellow = AWESOME. I’m just a tad-bit excited about your bedrooms ….. and a whole lot jealous, but I still love ya. LOL

    Nicole @ Three 31

  3. Hi, first time reader here!

    Quick question – do you have both a mattress AND boxspring on the new bed? I bought the Julian bed for our new apartment, but can’t set it up until we move next month. I want to make sure it won’t be too tall with the full mattress set!

    Thanks 🙂

    • Welcome! I actually just have the mattress, no boxspring. But it seems to be working fine like that. There are slats all the way across the bottom to add some extra support. It might work with the boxspring, but it would definitely be taller. I guess it would depend on personal preference. 🙂