Modern Playful Bathroom Mood Board

We are planning a bathroom remodel. A big one. We (and by we, I mean the contractor I hired) are going to take our ugly pink bathroom with the sagging floor totally down to the studs and build it up right. I created a modern playful bathroom mood board to help envision the new room.

The hallway bathroom is both the kids bathroom and the guest bathroom. So I wanted it to be fun and playful (and durable) for the kids, but also calm and relaxing for any guests using it.

And just a reminder of what we are starting with. Definitely neither fun and playful, nor calm and relaxing. And it kind of smells in there, too.

I fell in love with the gray cabinet (Ikea Godmorgon) when Dana used it in her master bathroom. It has drawers! The cabinet is where I started when creating this modern playful bathroom mood board.

Then I looked for tile. For the shower, I wanted something classic enough that it would work for someone else in the future, but that still felt fun and fit our family’s style. So we decided on plain white subway tile with a mosaic of teal squares for an accent. That’s what my poorly photoshopped pictures is supposed to be showing. The gray blob to the left of the cabinet on the mood board is the floor tile. I knew I wanted texture there, so I love the long lines and variation in the tile. I didn’t want the whole bathroom to become sleeky-sleek and cold-feeling.

Speaking of cold, I wanted a wooden mirror to add warmth to the room. This took me forever to find. Nothing was big enough. I finally ordered the Pluto Wooden Mirror from Overstock just this morning. I hope it looks right when it arrives.

The NUD pendant lamps are also one of my favorite parts. They have bright teal cords and vintage looking light bulbs. I think they will really add a touch of whimsy when they are hung with their colorful cords draping around.

Hopefully, we will be starting construction next week!

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