First Dinner Guests aka Pierogie Party

A few months ago, Phil and I somewhat unexpectedly found ourselves as the leaders of a new adult education class and ministry at our church, named Parents Connect. One of the big tenets we’ve talked about as we started this new group is hospitality, and not just any old hospitality, we’d like to practice radical hospitality. Well, after all that talk, it was time for us to walk the walk a bit, too. So last weekend, we had our first dinner party at our new house! We invited another couple and their three fun daughters over for a Pierogie Party!

I decided to make chili (which was perfect because we spent the afternoon at the Cowboys v. Vikings game, and the chili cooked itself!). We don’t usually have an appetizer, but when you are entertaining, I think it’s nice to have something for guests to munch on while everything else is cooking. I also wanted something quick and easy as an appetizer. Mrs. T’s Pierogies were the perfect solution!

I served two different kinds at our get-together: Potato and Cheddar Full Size Pierogies and Mini Potato and 4 Cheese Blend. There were several different cooking methods on the box; I decided to saute the pierogies just to get a nice golden color to the crust.

They turned out great. A delicious mix of pasta and potatoes. The potato filling is flavorful and creamy. Plus, there’s yummy stuff like cheese inside too! The mini versions were our favorite because the ratio of pasta to cheesy-potato-goodness was just right. And the size was perfect for our guests to grab and enjoy!

I think the mini pierogies would also make an awesome game day snack or Super Bowl party food. There are a lot of different recipes using Mrs. T’s Pierogies on their website. I like how versatile they are; they’d be good combined with lots of different flavor profiles.

Everyone at our Pierogie Party really enjoyed the Mrs. T’s Pierogies. And as the hostess, I enjoyed how it made entertaining easier since I had a delicious appetizer that I knew I could count on to be a hit with all ages.

Our party was such a fun time and success, that I didn’t remember to take any more pictures of it! Silly blogger. Jaye had a blast playing with the other little girls (and I love watching her play with other kids!), Phil and I enjoyed some adult conversation, and we all enjoyed some delicious food! Here’s to many more dinner guests and radical hospitality!

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