A Pirate Nursery for my Newest Little Matey

Two weeks ago, I had the incredible honor of being present at the birth of my best friend Laura’s baby and my newest nephew, little Griffin. To get ready for her new little man, Laura put together a perfect pirate nursery. The goal was a pirate themed nursery but without feeling commercial or too “themey.” And she really nailed it. Here’s an adorable pirate nursery with personality!

Laura and her hubby painted the stripes on the wall before they knew the gender of their munchkin planning to work with it for either a girl’s nursery or a boy’s. I love how they are fun, but also versatile and can definitely work with a lot of different room themes as Griffin grows.

The curtains are covered with shimmery stars, just like a pirate might see overhead from the deck of the pirate ship. I love the mirror on the wall where the little man can see it from his crib.

The changing table and comfy rocker are on the other wall. I don’t have a detail shot, but the dresser knobs have a navy compass design on them to give the dresser personality and tie it to the rest of the pirate nursery.

The letters spelling out Griffin’s name were the cardboard letters you can find at JoAnns or Michaels. Laura carefully and lovingly wrapped them in yarn to give them texture and color.

 The number banner over the crib is made of grocery store sacks, crumpled to give them texture and age. Then the numbers are painted on.

Chris built and installed the wooden shelves around the top of the room so Laura would have somewhere to display all her favorite tchotckes.  I love the warm wood tone they add to the room too. And most of the art on display is homemade, too! A friend painted the “Settle” pirate picture, which is a reference to our (and Chris and Laura’s) favorite game, Settlers of Catan. Laura made the other artwork with favorite quotes, from Harry Potter. Little Griffin’s name was also inspired by Harry Potter, specifically Gryffindor.

Finally, my favorite part of the room! This awesome pirate ship light fixture. Isn’t that the coolest thing or what? It’s the Jolly Roger Lamp Shade from Land of Nod, find it here.

Well, what do you think? Wouldn’t you love to sail the seven seas in that creative pirate nursery? What’s your favorite part?


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