How Much Money Can You Save at Kids Consignment Sales?

JBF Fort Worth provided me with a gift certificate for myself and one for a reader as compensation for my time and work on this post about how to save money at kids consignment sales! However, all opinions are my own honest thoughts, and I do actually shop at the JBF Fort Worth sale, even without a gift certificate!

I buy most of Jaye’s clothes at big kids consignment sales. I like that I can do all the shopping in one big batch each season. Everyone knows you save money at kids consignment sales, but I still always wondered how much money does shopping at kids consignment sales really save? Right now I am preparing for the fall round of consignment sales, including the biggest one, Just Between Friends Fort Worth. So this seemed like a good time to figure out how big the savings really are.

Last spring, I went to consignment sales for all of Jaye’s summer clothing. She needed size 2t, which we didn’t own any of, so I needed a full summer wardrobe. After my shopping trip, I came home with 30 different items of clothing (shirts, dresses, shorts) and 2 pairs of shoes. Total spent: $88.

But how much money did I save at the consignment sale? Well, let’s see.

Example 1: Save Money at Kids Consignment Sales on Hanna Anderson clothing.

I bought 2 dresses, 2 skirts, and 1 hoodie from Hanna Anderson. Dresses there are currently on sale for $25, skirts for $28, and hoodies are full price at $48. Total retail: $154. I paid $11 for both dresses, $4.50 for each skirt, and $4 for the hoodie. Total I paid: $24. Total savings: $130.

Example 2: Save Money at Kids Consignment Sales on Gymboree clothing.

From Gymboree, I bought 7 pairs of shorts and 4 shirts. Shirts are currently on sale for $10. Shorts are on sale for $5-15. Total retail price: $110 (based on current summer sale prices). Total I paid: $20. Total savings: $90.

Example 3: Save Money at Kids Consignment Sales on Baby Gap clothing.

I bought 3 shirts and 1 pair of shorts from Baby Gap. Right now, shirts and shirts are on sale for about $10 a piece. Total retail price: $40 (based on current summer sale prices). Total I paid: $10. Total savings: $30.

So how much money did I save at the kids consignment sales? I saved a total of $250 or 80% off the retail SALE price by shopping at a kids consignment sale!

Now, granted I bought used clothing and am comparing it to brand new retail prices. But, I’m really picky and only chose items that are in good condition and from brands that I know last well. Plus, Jaye is 2 and likely to stain her new fancy clothes just as fast as the cheaper consignment version!

So now that we know how much money you save at kids consignment sales, it’s time for the details about the sales AND A GIVEAWAY!

The biggest kids consignment sale in the area is the Just Between Friends (JBF) sale in Fort Worth. And when I say “biggest,” I mean “Texas Big” like really really big. The fall JBF sale in Ft. Worth is August 28 – September 9, but check out their website for details because some of those days are reserved for restocking!

If you are looking to save money at kids consignment sales in the DFW area this fall, check out my guide to DFW consignment sales. It’s got a full calendar with times, dates, and locations for all the DFW kids consignment sales this fall.

Another way to save money at kids consignment sales is to enter this giveaway! JBF Fort Worth is giving away a $15 gift certificate to ONE reader. Giveaway ends Aug. 13 at midnight. I’ll pick a winner (randomly via Rafflecopter) on Wed. Aug. 14 and contact that lucky duck via email. The winner will have 48 hours to respond before I declare them a slow poke and have to pick another winner. The winner will pick up their prize (and redeem it!) at the JBF Fort Worth sale, so make sure you’re in town for one of the dates.


  1. I live in South Fort Worth and I have been to that big consignment sale once but would like to come back, for the fun of picking branded clothes at a fraction of a price. Thanks for posting the dates and website, gotta check it out so to not miss the sale.

  2. Holy cow! I’ve never seen a sale so BIG!

  3. I gone to the sales here in Plano. You really do save a lot of money.

  4. You’re going to laugh, but I “think” I went to this sale in 2008 with a friend who was pregnant. I remember going to the Will Rogers Complex, there were a ton of people and baby/kids items, and I was OVERWHELMED by the sheer size and volume of it all. Fast forward to today, I’m registered to go but I would *LOVE* a ticket to get inside! We found out yesterday that Baby K is a BOY so shopping for the little guy will be much easier. I’ve also been told to take a laundry basket with a rope tied to it so you can scoot it along the floor as you shop — that’s a pretty clever shopping technique if you ask me! I’m also registered for the Rhea Lana Consignment Sale in Mansfield … have you ever gone to that one? I’m still a bit overwhelmed and unsure of exactly what to buy at this point. I’m the ONLY granddaughter on BOTH sides plus this is the FIRST and ONLY great-grandson and great-nephew too. This kid isn’t going to be spoiled or anything. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Miss you friend, hope you are well. =)

    • The laundry basket idea is genius. I’ve also seen people stealing their kids wagons for that purpose. I haven’t been to a Rhea Lana sale but people say they are awesome, too. I think I’ll try to check out the Frisco location this fall. I’m so excited for Baby K! He will be one lucky little guy!

  5. I LOVE consignment shops! There is one near my house (not in Texas… sorry…) that has end of season sales where they mark down most of their stuff to $1 and whatever was already clearance is only $0.50. I walked away with 3 dresses, 4 pairs of pants, a pair of capris, a skirt/jacket combo, and a jacket spending less than $10. All of which is in great condition. Seriously, why pay top dollar for something that will be either stained or grown out of in no time?!

  6. As a large family on a budget, resale shopping is something I appreciate. Love the savings you shared.

    My readers loved this too! Check out your feature here:

  7. Wow! I’ve never even heard of this before. I looked online and saw that there is one near me and I am planning on making the trip since it’s not too far from me. I am so glad you shared this with your readers. I have a bunch of friends who I know don’t know about this since none of us has ever mentioned it…as frugal as we are we would have carpooled to the event which I’m hoping we will do so now:)


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