Settlers of Catan: Gangnam Style

Friday night, we headed out after work to drive to Surfside, TX for our third annual Settlers of Catan weekend. Our first Settlers Weekend (aka, a weekend away devote entirely to playing Settlers of Catan) was February 2011.

Jaye did pretty well in the car. We stopped for dinner about 30-45 minutes down the road (which sadly wasn’t even to downtown Dallas due to terrible traffic). After dinner, she eventually fell asleep and slept (although somewhat fitfully) until we were about 45 minutes from our destination. We picked Joe up from the airport in Houston. He flew in from MN for the weekend. Unfortunately, Kristin had to work. We all met Chris and Laura at the beach house they’d rented. Jaye was wide awake when we arrived and had a blast seeing her Aunt Laura and Chris and their puppies. After we finally got her back to sleep, we had a beer and talked before turning in ourselves.

The next morning we headed to the beach. Jaye loved the beach the first time she went, and was an equally big fan on her second visit.

She is so independent. She just goes everywhere. She loved taking sand and painting it on our legs. She just keeps going out into the waves even though they are splashing in her face and about to knock her down.

Eventually, Jaye needed a nap, so we headed back to the house. Jaye caught some Zzzs, and we sat out on the front porch for our first game of Settlers.

That afternoon, I tagged along to cheer Laura through a crazy beach dash 5k with obstacles. She rocked it.

After Jaye was in bed for the night, we played many more games of Settlers of Catan. And worked on perfecting our mojito recipe now that we own a muddler.

Yes, Phil and I wore hats inside, and Phil wore sunglasses. We’re weird like that (or tipsy?).  There may or may not have been much dancing to Gangnam Style. And there may be video, which shall never be seen by anyone outside the weekend. (Until one of us runs for president, and then it will be a huge embarrassment when it goes viral).  And singing the Mitt Romney version.

We invented a new development card, that allows the legal building of a “Kristin Shack.” A “Kristin Shack” is a settlement that is built too close to the next settlement, only one road away. It’s named after Kristin, obviously, because in the middle of a game, we once suddenly realized she had done this accidentally without anyone noticing. Example below:

And that’s the tale of our third Settlers Weekend, an entire weekend devoted to playing Settlers of Catan, the best game ever!


  1. Looks like so much fun! I agree – BEST GAME EVER!

  2. Jay @CraftySpices says:

    WOw… It looks like you all had a great time. So much fun going on.

    Thanks for linking up to our wwHop9 🙂 at
    Happy Wednesday !


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