Slowing Down

Wednesday night, Jaye and I went for a walk. It took about 20 minutes, just to make it down to the end of our block.

And that was perfect. Sometimes in the middle of a stressful week (hello, bathroom remodel!), you just need to head outside and do something at a toddlers pace. And eye-level.

We saw yellow flowers. There were little bugs crawling on them. We talked about how maybe the bugs eat the flower nectar.

We saw brown crunchy leaves. Jaye loved crunching them up in her hands. Then she tried jumping on them to crunch them. We took turns crunching the leaves. She paid attention to the nature she was seeing. I paid attention to her.

Next, we came across some acorns. They were round and smooth. We stepped on them to crush them beneath our heels. Jaye worked hard at it and exclaimed, “Jaye did it!” when she succeeded. We even got to meet and pet a soft, fluffy puppy dog, named Baxter. Jaye would have petted that dog all night long. She was bummed when he needed to continue on his walk.

The weather is beautiful (here in Texas at least). Head out this evening for a long slow walk. Pay attention to the little details of nature and your family! It might be just what you need.

Planters Peanuts is focusing on nature and its gifts in Mr. Peanut’s latest campaign, as well. Check out the video below to learn more! Or watch it on YouTube here.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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