Finally, Our Modern Glamour Bedroom Reveal

Modern Glamour Bedroom

Okay, so back a million years ago (Okay, in October 2012), I promised a bedroom makeover and showed you all our terrible bedroom and my gray and yellow bedroom moodboard plan. Then half a million years ago (Okay, in December 2012), I showed you one step of the makeover, my nightstand transformation. And now, today, I'm finally back with all the beautiful pictures and full details of my bedroom makeover! The bed made such a big difference to me. It's the first real bed we've ever owned. … [Read more...]

Nightstands: From Drab to Fab

Nightstands, gray and yellow bedroom

Okay, it's been a long time since I first showed you this mood board for our bedroom. But the gray and yellow bedroom that Phil promised me for my birthday is now done. Or close enough that I'm calling it done. So I'm back today to share how I turned two dark, gloomy nightstands from the Salvation Army into light, cheery, fun nightstands for our bedroom. When my mom and I went to Salvation Army to buy dressers for my younger sisters (check out Lucy's Comic Book dresser!), we ended up with two … [Read more...]

Birthday Bedroom Bonanza!

Today, I present the "before" photos of our bedroom. Hang in there, because it's gonna look rough, but there's a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. This is the sad, but true, state of our bedroom today. It gets worse than this though. Boxes of winter clothes, boxes of framed art to hang on the wall, a nasty ironing board. The one potential bright spot, our wedding photos, marred by all the junk on top of the dresser. But after all that depression, don't leave! I have a vision. I … [Read more...]

Our New Home: Total Before

Finally, some pictures of our new house. Here's the layout. I love the wood floors throughout. That was super important because both Phil and I HATE carpet. The kitchen is linoleum and the bathroom is tile. Everything else is wood. When you enter the house the coat closet is in front of you, the garage to your right, and you are looking into the dining room (but not from this angle). The dining room is next to the kitchen, which is nice because in our Nokomis house, we couldn't quite figure out … [Read more...]

Nursery Reveal!

Pink and Orange Nursery

I'm finally ready for the nursery reveal! Here's the full tour of Jaye's nursery. The main color scheme is pink and orange. It's based around and inspired by the Noah's Ark artwork on the walls. This is the view from the door. We've got the futon mattress on the floor for practical purposes. It's one of our favorite places to lay and play and roll around. Most evenings when Phil comes home from work you'll find our whole family in here. We moved the frame out so that if Jaye rolls off … [Read more...]