Nursery: Art Wall in Progress or How to make your own canvas art

My plan for Jaye's nursery was entirely inspired by and revolves around the awesome, colorful, Noah's Ark prints I bought from Katie at So my first step was to get the prints ready to hang. Since I'd bought the prints as files, I had to order them from Shutterfly. They're 8 x 10 glossy prints. I decided I wanted the look of the prints hanging on canvas unframed because that felt more free and fun than a bunch of heavy frames. I bought some Matte Medium at JoAnns because my … [Read more...]

Nursery: Yarn Ball Mobile

I wanted a mobile that would look as interesting from Jaye's perspective lying beneath it as it did from my standing perspective. I wanted something light and airy and playful and colorful and fun. I decided to make a mobile out of the yarn balls in the tutorial here. source: Spearmint Baby I was inspired by this image, which I found on Pinterest. Last June when my friend Aki came to visit, I used her art major skills to give me a confidence boost and we both sat down to tackle the … [Read more...]