Cy: Five Months

Dear Cy, You are so much more active moving lately. You like to plow and push with your feet to try to figure out how to move. Sometimes, when you are being held, you get so wiggly and squirmy that it's really hard to keep holding you because you fight and flop and writhe to go places. Speaking of going places, you started MDO this month. You had a great first day and a somewhat fussy second day. Mama misses you and loves you so much. I'm so excited to come and pick you up and can't wait … [Read more...]

Cy: Four Months

Little Cy Guy, You turned 4 months old last week. As usual, you are a delight. Toys have been a big new thing this month. You can really hold a teething ring and chew on it. You pull everything you can get to your mouth. And you drool a lot. You are a champ at rolling from your back to your stomach, but once you get there you don't seem to remember how to get back and sometimes fuss because you don't like that position as much. You still love to talk and smile. This month you … [Read more...]

Cy:Three Months

Cy, It's so fun to start seeing glimpses of your little personality. You smile so easily. You are generally happy and easy going. You and I have had some great conversations lately. You love to smile and coo at me while I talk to you. Sometimes you start the conversation. You even like to try to smile and coo while nursing which is the cutest thing ever. You have really enjoyed your play gym this month. You are definitely intentional with your batting and grabbing now. I love your … [Read more...]

Cy: Two Months

Cy, Right now, you are still sleeping in our bed and I love it. You sleep in the crook of my arm and it feels like just where you should be. You sleep soundly all night, usually eating once or twice. Sometimes around 6, you enter a lighter, noisier sleep with more grunting and wiggling that keeps me awake. Breastfeeding is going smoothly. You fall asleep at the breast less often as you've become more alert and aware of the world. I'm so thankful that the myofacial and chiropractic therapy … [Read more...]

Cy: One Month

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