Jaye’s Chalkboard Dresser

Jaye needed a new dresser in her room. The cheap organizer from Target that we had been using as her changing table and dresser just wasn't cutting it anymore. So I decided to upgrade to an awesome orange Chalkboard Dresser. I bought this dresser from a local thrift shop. It's a sturdy piece, but I wasn't loving the paint job or the knobs. So I headed to Home Depot where I got paint the same color as our old living room. I sanded the dresser and started painting with my paint and primer in … [Read more...]

Jaye’s First Birthday: Jute Wrapped Cake Stand

Jute Wrapped Cake Stand

After making the Burlap Banner Wreath, I started thinking about food. And how to display it. I think a food table looks much better and more interesting with food at different heights. So I decided to make two cake stands. I'd pinned a couple of different ideas, but the one I ended up following most closely was a random link from some Linky Party somewhere that stuck in my head even though I never pinned it. Sorry not to be able to give credit! Anyway, here's how I made a simple Jute Wrapped … [Read more...]

Bathroom Renewal Part One

One of the tasks on my list before we rent the house and move to Texas is the bathroom. We had the shower tile redoneabout a year or so ago. At the time, Phil and I tried to seal the grout ourselves. But it hadn't worked. The grout in the shower is disgusting. I plan on having a handyperson come out to seal it so we can get it right this time. But first I have to get it clean.  Luckily, I had an excellent helper today. Yuck, Momma. That grout is gross. To get started, I googled. I … [Read more...]

Home Improvement Pirate

… [Read more...]

Inspiration Edition: Dining Rooms and Disco Globes

(from Apartment Therapy)I love the combo of the old wood table with the modern colored chairs. I also think the disco balls are awesome. They'd bring a lot of light and fun and funky to the room. The caption said the homeowner makes them out of world globes he finds on ebay and used cds. I could do that. So cool. … [Read more...]