10 Best Grandparents Day Ideas, Cards, & Crafts

Grandparents Day is coming up! This year, Grandparents Day is Sunday, September 8th. I'm sure you really didn't need one more "holiday" to stress about or feel like you don't measure up to the Pinterest hype. I know I don't want that. Still, I thought this Sunday would be a good excuse to send a little card to Jaye's grandparents (and great-grandparents). When Phil's grandfather passed away, he still had the latest postcard of Jaye still displayed on his wall, and that has given me lots of … [Read more...]

Best of the Best: Free Printable Father’s Day Cards, Part 2

Okay, I'm back. And here is the second half of my 20 Best Free Printable Father's Day cards extravaganza. Find the first 10 free printable Father's Day cards here. 11. Aww. Penguins. Jaye says that penguins say "Flap, Flap Flap" and she flaps her arms. We never taught her that, she made it up. From Orange Kitty. 12. I love the little speech bubbles to make this card more personal and meaningful. From Faithful Provisions. 13. I love the typography on this card. And it's available … [Read more...]

Best of the Best: Free Printable Father’s Day Cards, Part 1

I decided to find the best free printable Father's Day cards for dear ol' dad because I had so much fun hunting down free printable Mother's Day Cards a month ago--any excuse to browse Pinterest is a good excuse. :-). Along the way,  I discovered that there are a LOT more free printable Father's Day cards than there were for Mother's Day. My theory is that all the bloggers making these freebies are women who make cards for their hubbies, but hubbies don't make them for their wives. Come on, men, … [Read more...]

Jumping Right In! Spring Project Life Free Printable

I mentioned on Wednesday that I started a new project called Project Life. When I start something, I usually just jump right in! So today, I've got a spring Project Life free printable for you! In my current Project Life layout, I didn't have a lot of pictures, so I wanted something else cute to fill up a space. So I whipped up this spring Project Life free printable. It has a fun quote from The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett. I remember my mom reading that book aloud to us when we … [Read more...]

Best of the Best: Free Printable Mother’s Day Cards

It dawned upon me the other night that Mother's Day is coming up! So I started dropping hints for Phil, and then started hunting for the perfect Mother's Day Card for my own mom. During that hunt, I came across tons of awesome free printable Mother's Day Cards. I've culled them down and hereby present the 20 Best Free Printable Mother's Day Cards! I'll break it down for you. Complete with links to where you can obtain these beauts for f.r.e.e. Not that dear old mom isn't worth a couple of … [Read more...]