Nursery Art Wall Finale!

I actually finished prepping and hanging all of the artwork on the Jaye's nursery art wall over New Year's Weekend, but finally have some pictures to show for it! Before (the room as our bedroom): After (Jaye's nursery): Here's the full wall as seen from the doorway. I like to do frame collages like this on this wall because of the corner. I think it's nice to connect the two walls with one "piece" of artwork, like this collage. To figure out the layout, I cut squares from … [Read more...]

How to Save $10,000

You could save $10,000 right now by buying our house. As of last night, our house is $10,000 cheaper.So if any of your friends, or enemies, or anyone you know, or don't know, is looking for an awesome house in an awesome location in South Minneapolis at an awesome price, please click here to check it out officially or here for my own home tour posts. … [Read more...]

How to Make a Headband out of an Ugly Salvation Army find.

While in Dallas this summer, my mom and I stopped by the Salvation Army. I saw this pin in the jewelry case and wondered, "Is it awesome? Or is it hideous?" I find that I'm often asking this question, that there is a surprisingly fine line between the two.I concluded that it was hideous, but could be awesome if it were on a headband. I've started to really like headbands lately. So I bought it and decided to make it awesome. Supplies: plain plastic headband (I got mine at JoAnns, but saw some … [Read more...]

Wall Art for the Bedroom

The new wall color, bedspread and fabric foamboard headboard moved the bedroom forward a long way toward stylish and decorated. But that wall behind and beside the bed was still looking sad and empty. So I concocted a plan for some cheap but chic wall art. I shopped around at Savers, Salvation Army, and Goodwill to find a bunch of mirrors. It didn't matter how ugly they were because I was planning to paint them all black. I just looked for a variety of shapes and sizes. After I got them all … [Read more...]

How to make a headboard out of foam board

I've been wanting a headboard pretty much ever since we moved in. I think our bed looks looked so sad and college-dormy and naked as just a mattress pushed into the corner. In a moment of brilliance (driven by lack of supplies and laziness), I decided to make a headboard out of foam board! And pretty much ever since we moved in I've been inspired to create a headboard by numerous blog describing how easy it is (as seen here and here). I was a little scared by the purchase and cutting and … [Read more...]