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Hangin’ Around

One night we were playing Settlers with our best friends, Chris and Laura. Chris glanced at all the frame boxes still leaning up against the dining room wall ever since the move. He said, “Why aren’t these

We’ve Been Flor-ed or Installing Flor Carpet Tiles

I love the wood floors throughout our house. It’s the main reason we chose this house to rent. But our living room needed some cozy to add to the modern, and Jaye needed a softer place to
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Seating Upgrade

We got this brown couch right after we got married. At first we’d picked out a sage green couch with an attached chaise lounge, but it wouldn’t fit even in the freight elevator of our apartment building.
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T.V. Stand Transformation

Shortly after we moved in, I went hunting for a media stand. I knew it needed to be taller than our last one, so that Jaye wouldn’t be able to reach as well. I also wanted closed
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Awesomest Lamp Ever

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new lamp. It’s amazing. It’s the awesomest lamp ever. It’s so ME. And I love it. Our new living room has no overhead light, so I knew we’d need lamps. As I
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