The Mastiff Drool Solution: Neater Feeder Giveaway

Shortly after Phil and I got married, we bought a house. Shortly after we bought our first house, we got a dog. Big Margo was her name. She was 160 pounds of adorable, sweet, drooly, messy, English Mastiff. She had her own facebook page. She was awesome. But she was also an incredible mess. Everytime she drank, there would just be streams rivers of drool running down her jowls and onto the floor or whoever was unlucky enough to be nearby. We kept special "Big Margo" towels hanging on hooks in … [Read more...]

We miss you, Big Margo

We miss how you had no personal space issues. We miss what you added to our family photos. We miss your tail thwomping on the floor when we come home.  We miss how you loved us so much you wore silly Halloween costumes. We miss how excited you got to go on a walk. We miss how helpful you were in the kitchen, always willing to sleep underfoot or clean out a pot. We miss you guarding the bedroom doorway as we sleep.  We miss your goofy faces. We miss your goofy snoring, snorting noises.  We miss … [Read more...]

On to the next holiday

The weekend after Thanksgiving we had a little holiday change-up. I'm very strict about not putting one holiday up before the current one is over (i.e. Christmas decor before Thanksgiving), so we decorated the weekend after Thanksgiving. I was eager to get it up early since we'll be leaving town for Christmas pretty early this year (me on the 15th, and Phil on the 17th). The artificial tree looks so sad and pathetic when you set it up, but it cleans up nicely with lights and ornaments. Even … [Read more...]

My Surprise Squash

Remember the other week when I was so excited about an acorn squash growing unexpectedly in my garden's what I ended up, also unexpectedly, doing with it.Before:After:That's right. Margo got ahold of it. Phil mentioned today (possibly somewhat triumphantly because he is not a fan of squash), "Oh by the way, Margo ate your acorn squash the other day." "Oh no," I said, "I was so excited that it grew and to eat it. I took a picture and everything." Phil consoled me by saying that he took a … [Read more...]

Found: One Patio

The biggest, pie-in-the-sky home project for this summer has been to build a patio off the basement door. Right now, there's a random pattern (not square, not circular, just randomly placed) of pavers pretending to be a patio in between the sidewalk and the basement door (but not connected to either). Who would build such a thing?The patio I am was am going to build would be more intelligently designed. It would connect to the back door and be large enough for a table, chairs, and our fire pit. … [Read more...]