On to the next holiday

The weekend after Thanksgiving we had a little holiday change-up. I'm very strict about not putting one holiday up before the current one is over (i.e. Christmas decor before Thanksgiving), so we decorated the weekend after Thanksgiving. I was eager to get it up early since we'll be leaving town for Christmas pretty early this year (me on the 15th, and Phil on the 17th). The artificial tree looks so sad and pathetic when you set it up, but it cleans up nicely with lights and ornaments. Even … [Read more...]

Found: One Patio

The biggest, pie-in-the-sky home project for this summer has been to build a patio off the basement door. Right now, there's a random pattern (not square, not circular, just randomly placed) of pavers pretending to be a patio in between the sidewalk and the basement door (but not connected to either). Who would build such a thing?The patio I am was am going to build would be more intelligently designed. It would connect to the back door and be large enough for a table, chairs, and our fire pit. … [Read more...]

Home Tour: Entry/Dining Room

Our living/dining room viewed from the front door of our home:To your left, you see this:I've been considering a rug for the space above, but honestly, it's usually filled by this:On the wall between the two windows:From the other side of the room, looking back at the front door:Sources:Wall Color: Sweet Mandarin, BehrCurtains: Ofelia Blad, from IkeaDining Table: Crate and Barrel, via CraigslistDining Chairs: Nandor chairs from IkeaArtwork between windows: World MarketChair by front door: … [Read more...]

How to: 100% Washable Dog Bed

The Problem: Meet our dog, Big Margo (Fig. 1) weighing in at 150 pounds not counting the drool that is always hanging from her jowls. Hobbies include repeated licking and slobbering on our small sofa and her own dog bed. Her first dog bed was blue and probably purchased at Target. The cover could be washed, but not the filling, which still smelled like an enormous animal (for good reason, see figure 1). The filling also quickly became very lumpy and squashed and it took increasingly longer for … [Read more...]

June Goals

1. Learn enough html to redesign blog, and then redesign blog.2. Bike from Minneapolis to Northfield to Redwing to Alma to Winona to Lacrosse. Stay in fancy B&B's and eat at fancy restaurants. Relax. Chill. Don't worry about budgets while on bike trip.3. Re-do the bathroom floor.4. Run 4 days a week.5. Attend second sewing class.6. Fix Margo's new bed which she ripped after 1 week.7. Register for and attend canning class at the Seward Co-op.8. Don't start new projects until current ones are … [Read more...]