Light Switch Update and an Updown, too.

Last weekend, we were lucky enough to have a few handy friends in town for the 4th of July. So, of course, we put them to work right away. Chris taught me a little bit of electrical handiness, and I did a light switch update in Jaye's room all by myself! Here's the hideous switch in its "Before" state. Yellowed and painted-over. Yuck. Once I checked and double-checked that the power was off, I unscrewed the yellowed switch plate. It was so brittle and old that it broke apart in my … [Read more...]

The Road Quickly Traveled or Painting Canvas Quote Art

After taking down our Christmas decorations, my DIY rustic modern open shelving in the dining room started looking pretty sad. Like really sad. Crap started piling up (e.g. bubble solution, blood pressure machine, mail, placemats, and more) So I decided it was time to clear them off and properly accessorize, starting with a (fairly) fast and easy canvas quote art I made. I started with a quote I liked and a big blank canvas. I'd bought the canvas for super cheap ($4.99 and it's 18 x 24!) from … [Read more...]

HOHOHO! A Santa Figurine Makeover

I found these tacky little porcelain Santa figurines at a thrift shop and decided to give them an uplift. I brought them home, spread them out on a cardboard box in the backyard and gave them a good coat of white spray primer. Then I used a shiny white acrylic paint from Michaels and brushed on two coats. I like the shiny, snowy sheen it gives them. White spray paint would have been faster, but I was working with what I had on hand already. Once they dried, they joined my Christmas tree … [Read more...]

Nightstands: From Drab to Fab

Okay, it's been a long time since I first showed you this mood board for our bedroom. But the gray and yellow bedroom that Phil promised me for my birthday is now done. Or close enough that I'm calling it done. So I'm back today to share how I turned two dark, gloomy nightstands from the Salvation Army into light, cheery, fun nightstands for our bedroom. When my mom and I went to Salvation Army to buy dressers for my younger sisters (check out Lucy's Comic Book dresser!), we ended up with two … [Read more...]

DIY Snow Globe Ornaments

On Friday while Jaye was at Mother's Day Out, I whipped up a bunch of these adorable, easy diy snow globe ornaments! Or maybe they are more like bell jar ornaments. Either way, they were a fun project and got a good reception at the DFW Blogger Ornament Exchange I took one to. Here's how it went down. 1. I was inspired by these vintage bell jar ornaments, which I, of course, found via Pinterest. So I started gathering supplies. You'll need: plastic wine glasses (from Dollar Tree), poster … [Read more...]