Forgotten Projects: Favorite T-Shirt Pillow

Once upon a time, with our 5 Year Reunion from college nearing, my good friend Kelsey had a birthday coming up. Kelsey as one of my bridesmaids. Once upon another time, even longer ago, Kelsey, another friend, and I had gone on an epic bike camping trip while in college. This trip involved loading our bikes up with camping gear. Riding away to another town and camping by a a lack. It also involved creating a LOT of weird inside jokes. For instance, we found this "Hot … [Read more...]

How Not to Sew an Envelope Pillowcase

This is a situation where you should do as I say and not as I do. What I say is: go to Teal and Lime's blog and follow her envelope pillow closure tutorial. Particularly the part about needing at least a six inch overlap. But that's not what I did. I just plowed straight in. No planning. No tutorials for me. How hard could it be? I started with the leftover fabric from Jaye's crib sheet and an old pillow I didn't like anymore. I used the pillowcase as a pattern.  I cut my fabric a little … [Read more...]

I Can’t Sew a Straight Line

But that didn't stop me from trying to make a knitting needle holder/organizer for a good friend's birthday. I used this tutorial from DesignSponge. I bought some green twill tape, but reused some leftover fabric from one of Big Margo's beds. I wanted to use a thick fabric so the needles wouldn't poke through.I just followed the tutorial as best I could. I ripped out a couple of seams and bent a few pins trying to get through so many layers.The end result is pretty crooked and uneven but full of … [Read more...]

Adventures in Sewing: Summer Slippers

I love my slippers. I'm always asking Phil (or Margo), "Have you seen my slippers?" Unfortunately, they usually haven't seen them. So, when I saw this awesome tutorial for summer slippers at Lady Harvatine's blog, I rushed out to get the supplies right away.The first slipper base I made was way too small, so I didn't even bother with putting straps on. I tried again with better success, and again with even better success, so they aren't exactly the same size, but hey, they work. I used two … [Read more...]

How to: 100% Washable Dog Bed

The Problem: Meet our dog, Big Margo (Fig. 1) weighing in at 150 pounds not counting the drool that is always hanging from her jowls. Hobbies include repeated licking and slobbering on our small sofa and her own dog bed. Her first dog bed was blue and probably purchased at Target. The cover could be washed, but not the filling, which still smelled like an enormous animal (for good reason, see figure 1). The filling also quickly became very lumpy and squashed and it took increasingly longer for … [Read more...]