DIY Drawer Dividers, Customizable and Inexpensive!

Last week, I got fed up. The mess inside my desk drawer was finally too much. But it was naptime and I couldn't leave the house to gather supplies. So, in a work-with-what-you-have pinch, I created custom-sized, DIY drawer dividers using foam board. Now I'm so much happier when I open my drawer. These DIY drawer dividers are totally customizable, too. They'll fit in any drawer and can have as few or as many compartments as you want. They are the perfect drawer dividers because you can … [Read more...]

The Road Quickly Traveled or Painting Canvas Quote Art

After taking down our Christmas decorations, my DIY rustic modern open shelving in the dining room started looking pretty sad. Like really sad. Crap started piling up (e.g. bubble solution, blood pressure machine, mail, placemats, and more) So I decided it was time to clear them off and properly accessorize, starting with a (fairly) fast and easy canvas quote art I made. I started with a quote I liked and a big blank canvas. I'd bought the canvas for super cheap ($4.99 and it's 18 x 24!) from … [Read more...]

DIY Snow Globe Ornaments

On Friday while Jaye was at Mother's Day Out, I whipped up a bunch of these adorable, easy diy snow globe ornaments! Or maybe they are more like bell jar ornaments. Either way, they were a fun project and got a good reception at the DFW Blogger Ornament Exchange I took one to. Here's how it went down. 1. I was inspired by these vintage bell jar ornaments, which I, of course, found via Pinterest. So I started gathering supplies. You'll need: plastic wine glasses (from Dollar Tree), poster … [Read more...]

DIY Rustic Modern Open Shelving

 When we first moved in, I wasn't sure what to do with this big expanse of open wall in our dining room. Now that we've gotten settled in a little bit more, it became clear that I needed more baby-safe display space. So I decided to construct some awesome rustic, yet modern open shelving for this wall.  I was inspired by some cool stainless steel modern brackets I found at Ikea. But I decided to DIY the shelves to give them a rustic look. The modern brackets with more rustic shelves gives the … [Read more...]