Thirty by 30, Illustrated!

What is a “thirty by 30” list? It’s kind of like a popular internet meme or whatever you call it. It’s a list of thirty goals that the writer hopes to accomplish before they reach the age of 30. It can be written at any point before thirty, but the difficulty of the goals should reflect how long the writer has to accomplish them. I wrote my list at 27, so there are some pretty big items on it, but also a few just fun and silly ones, too. I decided to change it up a little bit and illustrate my list in pictures. Without further ado,

And my thirty by 30 in list form:

1. Pass the Texas Bar Exam. Done!
2. Try every flavor of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream.
3. Create a family cookbook.
4. Move back to my hometown. We live in Richardson now!
5. Get drunk on the beach. Accomplished at Surfside Beach.
6. Grow a vegetable garden.
7. Build a piece of furniture.
8. Sew a quilt.
9. Buy a beef cow from a farmer.
10. Find a church community in Dallas. Read about it here.
11. Have a huge water balloon fight.
12. Build a treehouse.
13. Travel to Machu Picchu.
14. Learn to converse in Spanish.
15. Write a will (and get other pesky legal documents lined up).
16. Start a family tradition. We love our Friday night Olive Burger tradition.
17. Go tubing in a river again.
18. Get a Mastiff.
19. Lose 10 pounds.
20. Eat at 3 restaurants of Top Chef contestants. One: Private Social and Tiffany Derry. Two: Qui and Paul Qui Three: ?
21. Set a new 5k personal record.
22. Get pregnant.
23. Find 10 delicious freezer crockpot meals.
24. Travel to a new continent.
25. Have 2 more Settlers’ weekends. One down, one more to go.
26. Be debt-free (except for the mortgage).
27. Find a job.
28. Learn how to make the perfect mojito. Hooray! Try out my secret awesome restaurant mojito recipe.
29. Get another tattoo. Check out my second tattoo!
30. Eliminate processed foods and learn to eat vegetables.


  1. I love these! My husband read some of these and he automatically thinks you are awesome because you play Settlers of Catan. It’s one of his favorite games. I’ve actually never played it!



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