Three Pretty Good Things: This Week

I’m looking forward to quite a few things as we start this week. It’s really nice to be looking forward to the week ahead on a Sunday night instead of dreading it.

1. On Tuesday night, I’m hosting some friends for a Pintwist Party. Pintwist Parties is a cool company that helps you take one of those awesome things you’ve pinned and make it a reality! Cher provides all the supplies and advice and you just have to provide the creativity!

I used some digital scrapbooking elements to make an invitation to email out. I wanted to replicate the crafty feel I’m sure the evening will have. I’ll let you know how the party goes with a full run down later this week!

2. Our friends Chris and Laura are going to crash with us this upcoming weekend in between moving out of their house and off to Austin. While we are super bummed they are moving to Austin, I know Jaye will be really excited to have them and their dogs around this weekend. She LOVES those dogs and her Auntie Laura, too. Phil said at Target today she saw a woman with long dark hair like Laura’s and got excited before she realized it wasn’t actually Laura.

3. Our church Ladies’ Night In is on Thursday night. It’s always fun to hang out with the other women and get to know them better. As you can see, I’m an extrovert because all my things revolved around doing things with other people!


  1. I’m looking forward to hearing more about your Pintwist party. Sounds so fun!


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