This Weekend

Friday pm: Usually we go out to eat as a family on Friday evenings. But this week, we went out on Thursday instead since we realized at 5:15 that we had planned nothing for dinner. So on Friday, we made homemade pizza and hung out.

Saturday: On Saturday mornings, we go to Mimi and Pops’ house for breakfast. This weekend was no different. After plenty of bacon and eggs, we kidnapped my brother and returned home to work on the house. Phil and Will trimmed the hedges and started to paint the hallway. I did grocery shopping and cooked tacos for some friends who just had babies. Jaye worked with her vice grips and Wired magazine. Future Hacker.

Saturday pm: Phil and I went to see The Unexpected Guest by Agatha Christie at the Richardson Theatre Centre. Jaye stayed home with Alex.

Sunday am: We woke up to a rainy Sunday morning, ate apples on the back porch, and ran around in the rain.

After church, we grabbed a picnic lunch from Schlotsky’s and headed to the Arboretum. Jaye enjoyed having a picnic and had insisted that we bring a picnic blanket. She loved running and jumping in the grass. I liked the big open area where she could go far away from us and feel big, but still be within sight. The Arboretum wasn’t crowded at all.

Sunday pm: Sunday was my Mom’s birthday, so after a nap at home for all of us, we headed out for a birthday dinner at Maggiano’s.

After stuffing ourselves with pasta and deliciousness, we headed back for cake and presents. Jaye wowed the crowd with her rendition of “Happy Birthday.”

All in all, it was a very full but very nice weekend. How was your weekend?

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