Veggie Chips Taste Testing, Chips with #GiantFlavor

Everybody loves chips. Or maybe not–maybe there is some crazy chip-hater out there… But not me. I love chips. So I was excited to get to try Green Giant’s new veggie chips: Roasted Veggie Garden Ranch Tortilla Chips and Multigrain Barbeque Sweet Potato Chips. I was so eager to try them that I waited until Jaye was fast asleep at nap today to open the bag. Mama didn’t want to share.

My favorite of the two veggie chips was the Roasted Veggie Tortilla Chips.The texture and crunch of the chip was just like my favorite tortilla chips. I ended up eating almost the entire bag with my favorite fresh salsa. That was my lunch today, veggie chips, fresh tomato salsa, and a Coke just to keep it healthy. I also think they’d be super tasty with hummus, particularly this avocado hummus recipe!

However, the Green Giant veggie chips nutrition information and ingredient list revealed that the veggie that these chips have the most of is corn, like any other tortilla chip. Which is fine, but just not as packed with veggie as I had hoped they would be. Some of the ingredients in the Multigrain Sweet Potato Chips was more concerning to me; I don’t like strange ingredients I can’t pronounce in my food, particularly if they are used as preservatives. Also, both chips had more sodium than three other brands with which I compared them.

My husband and I were split on the flavor of the Barbeque Sweet Potato Chips. I thought the flavor was much better than your typical BBQ chip; it was a more real flavor, more authentic, more smoky. Phil, however, said he preferred the flavor of other BBQ chips more. The Barbeque Sweet Potato veggie chips had the texture of a baked chip.

Overall, I thought the Green Giant veggie chips really did have good flavors. We enjoyed the leftovers from my lunch binge with some hatch chile burgers and grilled squash out on our back porch tonight. Have you ever tried Green Giant veggie chips? What’s your favorite accompaniment to chips? Hummus? Salsa? French Onion Dip?

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  1. Thanks for the review. I’ve been wanting to try these, and you’ve help me decide on trying the Roasted Veggie first:) Thanks to your coupon, I can also save!

  2. I always thought YUCK to veggie chips…. that was until I gave them a chance and was actually impressed.

  3. I’m really enjoyed the roasted veggie. I had the sweet potato with my burger last night and it was pretty yummy!!

  4. I tried these chips before and they taste real good. When you think veggie, you think nasty but I love veggie chips.

  5. I love me some veggie chips!

  6. I’m slightly disappointed the ingredients were mostly corn! However, I’d give the veggie chips a try!


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