Walmart White Cloud Diapers

This is sponsored post written by me on behalf of White Cloud Diapers. I have been compensated for my time, but all opinions are entirely my own.

Last week I was offered a super exciting opportunity to meet up with some other blogger moms and try out the new White Cloud Diapers made by Wal-Mart. White Cloud Diapers are a premium line of diapers being reintroduced by Wal-Mart to help out busy budget-conscious families! (Obviously, Wal-mart hopes to make money selling them as well.)

White Cloud Diapers

We met up at our favorite park (Heights Park) right down the street from where we live now. I had a great time meeting other bloggers and chatting with them. Here’s Christina and I discussing the impracticality of our undergraduate degrees (or maybe just talking about mundane things like diapers and baby poop). I’m always looking for new mom friends (and if they are bloggers too, that’s a bonus!).

White Cloud Diapers Credit: Arena at The Nerds Wife

We played some classic baby shower type games. Like this one where we had to down a baby bottle of water as fast as we could. Brittany dominated! We all marveled at how difficult it was and how much better are babies are at it!

White Cloud Diapers

No, that is not actually a picture of baby poop. There were different flavors of baby food inside each White Cloud Diaper and we played a guessing game about which flavor was which. This game devolved into just which baby food looked the grossest.

White Cloud Diapers

I also got a package of White Cloud Diapers to try out with Jaye. The diapers have cute giraffe designs on them, which was a big selling point for Jaye. She likes to make her giraffe noise. FYI: giraffes make a sort of gross chewing noise like they are eating big leaves from a tree.

The diapers are hypoallergenic and fragrance-free, which I really appreciated. They felt soft and sturdy at the same time. No leaks here! The size 3 which Jaye normally wears fit her well, but was a little smaller than our usual brand of diapers.

White Cloud Diapers are good diapers at a budget-friendly price point. And they are sold exclusively at Wal-Mart which makes them convenient to purchase along with whatever grocery ingredient you forgot or even just your regular grocery shopping (if you’re better at meal planning than me.)

Diapering can be one of the biggest expenses in a family’s weekly budget and a great performing diaper is a must-have for parents. In order to make this affordable, Wal-Mart has reintroduced their premium line of White Cloud diapers to address the needs of today’s busy parents.
White Cloud Diapers provide your baby the highest quality diaper with superior leakage protection, exceptional softness and great fit. White Cloud Diapers are available exclusively at Walmart, where you can find low prices everyday on all your family’s needs. Check them out today!
This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of #WhiteCloudDiapers. All opinions are mine however!

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  1. I love that Jaye makes giraffe noises and THAT was a huge selling point for the diapers! I’m not even sure I’d know how to teach my kid what a giraffe says :)

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