Woodland Park, Richardson TX

Woodland Park is really three parks in one! There are 3 separate play areas (plus a nearby school playground), and it took me several trips to the park to notice all of them. But luckily, that won’t happen to you because you have this Richardson park review.

Woodland Park Details:

  • Location: wast of 75, off of Woodland Way, north of Arapaho and east of Coit, map here.
  • Surface material: wood chips
  • Structure material: metal and plastic
  • Shade: minimal
  • Equipment: 2big kid areas, toddler area, swings, baby swings, many slides, monkey bars, rock climbing walls, rings, bridges, bars
  • Upkeep: good
  • Restrooms, tennis courts, baseball field, parking lot, picnic shelter.

This is the smallest play structure. It has several slides, a swinging bridge, a tunnel, and a tic tac toe game. Jaye’s favorite part is the swinging bridge. Some of the rungs on the ladders are a little far of the ground for even my tall 2 year old.

Within the same area is a swing set and a bigger kid play structure. The swing set has both little kid bucket swings and adult swings next to each other.

Above is the bigger play structure. I like that it’s still not too huge. But it also has interesting and more challenging things like the rings and the pod steps.

If you head across the field in between the soccer field and the baseball diamonds, you’ll find two more parks! First, there’s this area full of different types of monkey bars and other balancing bars. The paint is kind of faded in areas, but otherwise still in good shape.

Further past the baseball diamond is the 3rd area to the awesome three-in-one Woodland Park. This play structure is huge and tons of fun. There are lots of monkey bars, a rock climbing wall, and three separate slides. The big slide on the end has three lanes with different bumps and textures.

This section of the park was pretty well shaded from the late evening sun at least. Beyond it, you can see the school playground, which is fenced in separately. The restrooms are located near the first play area I mentioned and would be a little bit of a walk from this big playground area.

What the City Says about Woodland Park:

5.92 acres at Woodland Way and Redwood. Picnic and playground equipment, shelter, one lighted baseball field, small backstops, one athletic field, and two lighted tennis courts. Restroom facilities.

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